Peepshow International Pavilion Design Competition 2005 Call for Submissions

Artcity Festival is a celebration of contemporary visual art, architecture and design, held every September in Calgary. Artcity opens possibilities for conversations, debates and realizations about how and what artists, architects and designers do and how they see and shape the world around us. In 2005, Artcity Festival will explore the idea and concepts associated with the term TRANS.

Promoting visual art, design, and architecture through a creative street presence for visual art during Artcity Festival, the annual juried Peepshow competition will commission the design and construction (pending funding) of one pavilion every year. These temporary Artcity pavilions, scattered throughout Calgary’s downtown, create a dialogue among designer, artist, and viewer, encouraging discourse into the fine art and the urban relationships that evolve around them.

Artcity began presenting exhibitions in the Peepshow pavilions in the fall of 2002. This year, the four previous winning entries will be constructed and programmed as temporary art pavilions during Artcity 2005. The winning entry from Peepshow 2005 will be constructed (pending funding) for Artcity 2006. Past winning entries have been submitted from Calgary (2001), Portugal (2002), USA (2003), and Mexico (2004).

The jury is yet to be determined, but past jurors include: Peter Cardew, Dominique Blain and Chris Cran (2001), Brad Cloepfel and Barbara Steinman (2002), John Patkau (2003), Pierre Thibault, Jeremy Sturgess and Ron Moppett (2004).

The winning team will received $3000 CDN. The winning team is responsible for the preparation of construction drawings for their proposal. The fee for the preparation of construction drawings by or under supervision of the winning team is included in the award. The entry fee is $50 CDN in the form of a money order only, made out to Artcity before September 1, 2005. The late entry fee is $75 CDN in the form of a money order only, made out to Artcity before September 8, 2005.

The Peepshow 2005 timeline is as follows:
September 1: Submission Deadline
September 8: Late Submission Deadline
September 9-10: Jury Deliberations
September 10: Announcement of Winning Entry
September 9-18: Publication and exhibition of entries during Artcity 2005

For the competition brief and further details, please visit or contact Dave Fortin at