Pecha Kucha Montreal #11

The eleventh installment of Montreal’s Pecha Kucha takes place on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT), located at 1195 Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Admission is $5.

Presenters are as follows:

• Mathieu Regnier (eco-consultant)

• Nik Luka (architect, urbanist  and teacher, McGill University)

• 2Fik – (art and photography)

• Laurent McComber (architect)

• Catherine Lalonde Massecar (artistic director)

• Hugh McGuire (entrepreneur, author, engineer])

• VéroB  (media)

• Grégory Petit (chercheur UdM – École polytechnique)

• Francis Martel Labrecque (architecture and photography)

• Thomas McIntosh/The User (artist)

• Georges Labrèque (scénographe d’exposition)

• Vicki Veenstra (puppet maker)

• Cédric Varial (art and photography)

DJ THERMOS (Marc-André Mignault) will provide entertainment for the evening, along with VJ Choco-Beets (Caroline Blais).


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