Paul H. Cocker Gallery calls for online exhibition proposals

The Paul H. Cocker Gallery at Ryerson’s Department of Architectural Science will remain online for the 2020-21 academic year to focus on mobilizing the potential of digital technologies and how architecture can be displayed.

In order to reach this approach, the gallery is calling for exhibition proposals within Ryerson and the broader community—including the international community—that address this theme in their design.

The content of the exhibitions could focus on the work of a single firm, work produced specifically for an online exhibition, historical, theoretical or technical concerns: the field is wide open.

The gallery asks that all exhibitions consider their installation in some manner connected to the Paul H. Cocker Gallery space.

The exhibitions could make use of 3d models, virtual realities, augmented realities, photographic, filmic, audio and social media representations. It can also include game engines, digital photography, 3d scanning, Lidar models, and/or web links to international partners to present architecture and architectural ideas.

Please note that although the Gallery will host the virtual exhibitions and provide support in getting the content “live”, the proponent will be responsible for the production of all content.

If this works well, the gallery hopes to mount a physical version of the various shows once it re-opens.