Paul H. Cocker Gallery invites Seeking the Periphery submissions

The Paul H. Cocker Gallery invites submissions from artists, academics, designers, and institutions that redirect the eye away from iconic architectural photography, toward new forms and new representational cultures.

The aim is to assemble and display alternative representations that lead away from homogeneity, toward an architecture and culture that claims no specific center. The abolition of the center—and its replacement with the void—is a position in architecture and culture that places “no being” in the center and redirects perception to the periphery.

“Iconic architectural photography disseminated global Modernism and canonized utopic design principles, shaping internationalism while erasing local cultural practices,” writes exhibition curator Dimitri Papatheodorou. “The carefully composed advertising-ready image was instrumental to the new message; the Image folded snuggly within the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, expanding the Factory to employ a complex hierarchy of production from top to bottom, from design to delivery. Internationalism was (is) an aesthetic that flowed through and replaced place.”

Submissions will be accepted through Google Forms. Videos are accepted via YouTube or Vimeo link.

The deadline to submit an entry is January 29th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST.  The submission form is available at:

For alternative forms of submission or questions, please contact: