Partners of PLANT Architect Inc. receive Faculty of Engineering Team Alumni Achievement Medal

PLANT partners Lisa Rapoport, Chris Pommer, and Mary Tremain have been awarded the 2012 Faculty of Engineering Team Alumni Achievement Medal from the University of Waterloo. The awards ceremony took place on November 22, 2012 at the annual Dean of Engineering Dinner in Waterloo, Ontario, where Dean Pearl Sullivan presented the medal to the team. Since 2005, this prestigious award has established a tangible recognition of the professional achievements, volunteer leadership, and research excellence of Waterloo Engineering alumni.

Rapoport, Pommer, and Tremain founded PLANT Architect Inc. in 1997, using their academic experience as a launching pad for their collaborative practice. Since that time, the partners have moved beyond architecture, branching into the domains of landscape, ecology, furniture, art, graphic design and public space.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from the institution that set our careers in motion,” said PLANT partner Lisa Rapoport. “It is here that the three of us first met. And it is here that we began our journey of discovery, mentorship, professional growth and research.”

The partners receive this special honour only weeks after unveiling the Canadian Firefighters Memorial in Ottawa.

PLANT Architect Inc. is an award-winning, collaborative firm that branches into the domains of architecture, landscape, ecology, furniture, art and graphic design. Synthesizing the expertise of these disciplines, PLANT integrates architectural, sculptural, and landscape interventions to articulate new meanings, create visceral experiences, and form critical, interdisciplinary dialogues about place, memory, history, and culture. For more information about PLANT’s practice, please visit