Viewpoint (April 01, 2002)

Early this year I spent a week in Copenhagen to take part in a centenary celebration of the career of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971). From my window…

Raising Environmental Standards

ISO 14000 provides an environmental management system framework for incorporating environmentally responsible choices into design projects.

24/7 on the 401

A buzzing vessel for student life accommodates a variety of activities around the clock.

Law and Order

An innovative combination of police and judicial functions is found serendipitously within a single building.

Clean Concrete

Advances in concrete technology reduce its environmental impact and enhance its durability and appearance.

News (April 01, 2002)

PROJECTSRenaissance ROM architect.Studio Daniel Libeskind of Berlin with Bregman + Hamann Architects of Toronto have been selected to design the Renaissance ROM…

Speed and Stasis

A gateway building to York University embodies an intriguing tension between exuberance and contemplation.

Products & Services (April 01, 2002)

PRODUCTS AND SERVICESConcrete design guide. The Cement Association of Canada has released the Seventh Canadian Edition of Design and Control of Concrete…