Ontario Association of Architects Develops Practice Bulletins

As part of an ongoing initiative to assist internationally trained professionals integrate into the architectural profession in Ontario, the OAA has developed a series of practice bulletins related to job search skills and hiring practices.

The practice of architecture in Canada is a complex weave of private and public sector organizations responding to economic and demographic forces within a complicated regulatory environment that is quite different to theway that architecture is practiced in many parts of the world.

The following Practice Bulletins are general guidelines for job applicants in developing job search skills tailored to the current work environment in Ontario:

B. 15 Job Search Guidelines – General: The Architectural Profession
B.15a Job Search Guidelines – Resume Guidelines
B.15b Job Search Guidelines – Identifying Employment Opportunities
B.15c Job Search Guidelines Internationally Trained Professionals
B.15d Job Search Guidelines – Employment Skills

The Practice Bulletin C.6 – Hiring Practices and Regulatory Guide is directed more specifically to individuals trained outside of Canada and to employers. Individuals are encouraged to review the entire series of Practice Bulletins and adapt their job search to suit their particular qualifications.

OAA Practice Bulletins can be found at http://www.oaa.on.ca/client/oaa/OAAHome.nsf/web/OAA+Practice+Bulletins!OpenDocument

The OAA welcomes your comments on these Practice Bulletins. Please e-mail Nancy Smith, Issues Specialist and Deputy Registrar at: nancys@oaa.on.ca with any questions or comments.