Ontario Assocation of Architects Technology program announced

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) announced that the Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS), an association of technologists working in the architectural profession, has become the technology program of the OAA effective July 1, 2011.

“The new structure and membership criteria we are announcing today represent a maturing process for how technologists are recognized by the architectural profession in Ontario,” said Sheena Sharp, OAA President. “Technologists work collaboratively with architects in many of the province’s architectural practices. The OAAAS process provides an opportunity for suitably qualified technologists to become Licensed Technologists OAA, enabling them to provide some limited architectural services, but more importantly, acknowledges their significant contribution to the profession in Ontario,” said Sharp.

Membership in OAAAS is open to any graduate of an Ontario community college three-year architectural technology program, or equivalent. To move through the OAAAS process, the candidate must acquire a sufficient number of hours of work experience under the supervision of an architect, in defined experience categories, attend the OAA Admission Course and pass the OAAAS examination. This rigorous process ensures that the public interest is protected.

OAAAS was originally launched in 2002 as a partnership between the OAA and the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT). The partners have agreed that OAA will take over sole responsibility effective July 1, 2011. Rod McLeod, OACETT President, added: “What we set out to accomplish in 2002 was to establish a focused program to recognize our members who are working specifically in the building design field and who wished to achieve recognition as a Licensed Technologist OAA. This new structure continues to accomplish that objective and we are pleased to offer our ongoing support to OAAAS and the OAA.”

Roland Mech, OAAAS President, thanked the OAA and OACETT for embracing the new vision put forward by the OAAAS Board of Directors. “This is the right step for the OAA and OACETT. As a Licensed Technologist OAA, I know as well that this is the right step for technologists who work in the practice of architecture in Ontario.”