Online interviews available from The Roadshow: Architectural Landscapes of Canada

Eight interviews can now be watched online from the participants of this fall’s cross-country tour of The Roadshow: Architectural Landscapes of Canada.


The Roadshow tour took place from September 23 to October 2, 2009, a series of linked, broad-based national events that focused architectural discourse in Canada at the level of the public, the profession, and the schools of architecture. The Roadshow seeks to promote and facilitate an emergent and evolving discussion regarding contemporary architecture in Canada.


Beginning in Vancouver, The Roadshow brought together a group of eight critical architects and designers from across Canada. This group travelled and lectured together, delivering rapid-fire public presentations of their work at eight Canadian schools of architecture. At every venue, each of the eight architects and designers had 10 minutes to present one project and articulate this project’s engagement within a consistent framework around which intentionality and meaning have emerged. The goal was to allow for a broadening of understanding of the points of confluence and difference between various forms of architectural practice in Canada.


The online interviews feature the following architects and designers: Lisa Rapoport, Philip Beesley, Neil Minuk, Annie Lebel, Roger Mullin, Randy Cohen, Manon Asselin and David Battersby. For more information and to watch the interviews, please visit