One thousand join the Institute of Brownfield Professionals

The Institute of Brownfield Professionals (IBP) has recorded its 1,000th member and IBP President W. Jerrold Samford, P.G. (Troutman Sanders, LLP) expects that number to double by September 1st, 2006. “While we are delighted with our new organization’s rapid growth,” he said, “we expect even faster growth in the near future, as we get more of our objectives accomplished. We have much to do.”

The IBP has launched its website, which includes a member locator service and guidance on effective consultant selection. The organization is budgeting for advertising to make the availability of IBP members known to prospective clients. “We also are about to launch the first phase of our registered brownfield professional (RBP) credentialing program,” Samford said. “The Board will soon be finalizing criteria to award the RBP designation to licensed engineers and geologists with the necessary experience.” The second phase of that effort will see the Institute adopt RBP criteria for those who have extensive experience in environmental consulting and brownfield development, but who are not licensed professionals.

According to Samford, “New all appropriate inquiry (AAI) regulations promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency more or less require those purchasing property to retain a qualified consultant; in other words, an individual capable of conducting a legitimate AAI study. When we’re addressing brownfield development, this means an individual has to have the education, training, and experience to design and lead a subsurface exploration program, interpret the data, and then develop recommendations. We are designing our program to give public- and private-sector clients a measure of comfort that the brownfield consultants they select are genuinely qualified.”

Samford noted that “we are in the process of adding e-commerce functions to the website, so individuals can apply for membership and pay for it online.” He expects that during the next few years, the Institute will be developing “a variety of programs, services, and materials that individuals will apply to gain the RBP credential, and to function more professionally,” once they earn it. “I believe the Institute can be a powerful force for expanding the pool of talent needed to develop brownfields and thereby help counter sprawl while reopening more of our cities to the people who live and work there,” Samford said.

The Institute of Brownfield Professionals is an educational organization whose mission is to:

*provide a forum for discussion of business, regulatory, and technical issues of common interest
*represent members in regulatory matters
*provide educational and training media and forums to advance members’ knowledge and capabilities
*certify the apparent capabilities of environmental professionals
*promote members’ availability to serve those who need the services of environmental professionals

Obtain more information about the Institute of Brownfield Professionals by visiting its website at or by contacting its staff at (301) 588-8668 or [email protected]