One Good Chair Competition

The Sustainable Furniture Council is sponsoring this international competition that is open to all designers worldwide.

In recent years, the furniture industry has become more environmentally intelligent by reconsidering its production methods and material content, but the basic shape of things hasn’t changed much. Can we be as smart about the way things look and feel as we are about how they’re made?

We invite designers everywhere to contribute their vision for a new kind of eco-chair, one that focuses first and foremost on form. What kind of shapes can minimize resources while maximizing comfort and enjoyment? How can design integrate ecology and ergonomics? Your design should demonstrate a new attitude toward an old problem. Transcend basic green standards by transforming the very nature of the chair. Show us how inventive you can be. Push the envelope. Knock our socks off.

A cash prize of $4,500 will be distributed to up to five winners at the jury’s discretion, and winners and select entries will be featured in treehugger, Inhabitat, Western Interiors, and a variey of other press to be announced.

The jury is comprised of Lance Hosey, Galen Cranz, Bill Dowell, Jill Fehrenbacher, Eric Pfeiffer, Susan Szenasy and Michael Wollaeger.

The deadline for submissions is May 16, 2008, and the fee to enter is $50.

For more information, please visit