OMS Stage

ARCHITECT 5468796 architecture inc.
LOCATION Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Cube–OMS Stage is an open-air performance venue located in Old Market Square, a small green space set against a backdrop of historic warehouses in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. During events, the skin–a dynamic membrane composed of custom-cut metal extrusions linked together to create a flexible curtain–draws back into a draped and undulating ceiling landscape, simultaneously revealing the stage within. When closed, the angled pieces refract light and images to the outside, creating a unique pixel matrix. The exposed concrete structure consists of triangulated, divergent planes produced by pulling and pushing points on the surface of the original cube in order to generate the spaces required by the program. Its adaptability allows OMS Stage to easily shift from a venue for a vibrant rave party to a quiet, glowing pavilion.

Jury Comments

The Cube is a brilliant work of architectural art. It takes a simple object like the cube and transforms it into a piece of art. The use of materials and their assembly is quite imaginative and evident in how light is refracted. It is also a testament of what can happen when various parties with varying backgrounds can collaborate together and produce such a wonderful piece of art that is both functional and pleasant to look at.

This is outstanding poetic innovation, pure and simple. Architects of the Renaissance were responsible for choreographing festivals and religious events. This little gem restores the architect’s role within rituals of daily life in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is no small feat!