October 1, 2007 is World Architecture Day

As the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) Member Section for Canada, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is please to disseminate the following message for World Architecture Day.

Today We Celebrate the 2007 World Day of Architecture

This day belongs to all the world’s architects but also to their public and their partners, to those implicated in architecture and to its true enthusiasts. The UIA has chosen to devote this year’s event to an issue that concerns and preoccupies us all, climate change, and more specifically to one of its principal causes: carbon dioxide emissions.

Approximately 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the construction and transportation sectors. The construction sector alone is responsible for 50% of annual energy consumption. Every actor in the building industry bears a part of the responsibility for this situation, but every actor also has the ability to make a difference in mitigating the effects of climate change. Architects are on the front line to engage this struggle.

Architects must be exacting in terms of energy performance for all the materials that go into their works. They must also consider the carbon footprint made by these materials during fabrication, transportation, construction, and maintenance. It is every architect’s responsibility to preserve the natural resources of the planet, to eliminate waste, recycle, and use local resources with the imagination and ingenuity that characterize our profession. All know-how, techniques, technologies, and innovations must take us closer to these objectives.

The Union Internationale des Architectes represents over 1, 300,000 architects around the world, and their mobilization has immense potential in this combat.

Many UIA Member Sections are already committed to this goal. We hope to publicize their actions, to communicate their methods, objectives, and results so that we can learn from and build on each other’s experiences. This is the UIA’s role, and its duty. Our time is counted, but the collective force of our global professional community can, if it so decides, provide a resounding response to the challenge that is being launched today by the 2007 World Day of Architecture: transmitting zero CO2 emission architecture.

To all I wish a constructive and creative architecture day.

Gaetan Siew
President of the Union Internationale des Architectes

For more information on the UIA, please visit www.uia-architectes.org/