OAA invites applications to fill vacancies for 2019 committees

OAA, volunteer committeesVolunteers are vital to the work of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), and a diversity of voices, opinions, skills and knowledge is critical to its decision-making processes. Consider volunteering on one of the eight committees that have vacancies for the 2019–2021 term.

The OAA recognizes the inherent benefit of encouraging the active participation of all members in its volunteer opportunities and is committed to having committees that are representative of the profession now and in the future.

Recognizing that the number of women in the profession is increasing, and that the profession is becoming more diverse, the OAA commits to greater diversity and inclusion as well as working toward gender parity in its appointments process. Last year, OAA Council formally adopted a policy that strives for inclusion, diversity and gender parity on all Committees.

For 2019, there will be vacancies on the following OAA Committees/Task Groups:

  • Complaints Committee;
  • Discipline Committee;
  • Practice Committee (PC);
  • Policy Advocacy Coordination Team (PACT);
  • Project Administration Resource Committee (PARC);
  • Registration Committee;
  • Sub-Committee on Building Codes and Regulations (SCOBCAR); and
  • The Interns Committee.

More information about the role of each Committee and what is required of its members is available via the OAA website, linked here. Architects interested in serving on any of the following committees are encouraged to e-mail the staff member for the committee (e-mail links available at this link), including a completed Indication of Interest form and a CV. The deadline to apply for any of these positions is Friday, October 12.