OAA Responds to Provincial Government Re: More Homes Built Faster Act

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) reports that it has reviewed Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 and although the association is encouraged by some steps taken to address housing affordability, it strongly urges the provincial government to closely examine the potential unintended consequences of such a sweeping bill.

Through its submission, the OAA recommends the government:

  • remove the proposal to reduce maximum alternative parkland dedication rates;
  • seek opportunities to support intensification in already developed areas;
  • strengthen the powers of Local Conservation Authorities to weigh in on development proposals in floodplains and other ecologically sensitive areas;
  • clearly define “heritage,” what needs to be preserved, and what incentives are available to owners to facilitate that preservation;
  • invest in tools to support owners and public entities in deep energy retrofits of aging purpose-built residential buildings to facilitate the longevity and sustainability of the existing rental housing stock across Ontario;
  • create a carve-out in Section 41 of the Planning Act to ensure landscape and streetscape materials can be confirmed via Site Plan Control; and
  • implement an energy step code in the Ontario Building Code.

To read the OAA’s complete submission, visit the OAA Government Relations Portal.