OAA Launches New Web Resource for Calculating Total Energy Use Intensity

The free TEUI.ca calculator lets users determine an Ontario home or building’s energy performance in the units of the most widely used building energy metric.

The OAA has launched a new online tool to allow its members and the public to measure the Total Energy Use Intensity (TEUI) of a building. 

Initiated in 2020 by the OAA’s Sustainable Built Environments Committee (SBEC), the free TEUI.ca calculator lets users determine a home or building’s energy performance in the units of the most widely used building energy metric. The tool is suitable for Ontario-based projects only, with open access to generate a calculation. An OAA membership is needed to generate a PDF client report.

“TEUI is kWh/m2/yr—the amount of all energy sources required to power a building for a year, per square metre. You enter simple data into an easy-to-use interface and receive instant metrics for your building’s energy performance, and even get a PDF printout to show your clients or other stakeholders,” says the OAA.

For new projects and existing structures alike, the TEUI.ca calculations can be used as the basis for making further strategic decisions to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon outputs. 

“We’re pleased to offer this new service to our members and the broader communities we serve,” says OAA President Susan Speigel. “Giving members of Ontario’s architecture profession access to these kinds of metrics is one more step toward changing the conversation around the impact of our buildings on the environment.”

The TEUI rating has gained traction in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction as a convenient way to determine the energy efficiency of a building, according to the OAA.

The OAA’s biennial Design Excellence Awards require TEUI metrics for eligibility, and this online calculator facilitates the inclusion of this data. With the awards program opening up for submissions in the late fall, the OAA suggests that now is an ideal time for Ontario architects to learn how to use it for their own projects. 

The TEUI Calculator is available via the OAA Website’s Climate Stability page, and can be accessed directly at TEUI.ca.