OAA launches free digital tool for measuring energy performance

Photo credit: The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA)

The OAA has introduced TEUI 2.0, a new and free Total Energy Usage Intensity calculator, representing a cutting-edge digital tool designed to assess energy performance. This innovative resource is part of the growing suite of offerings provided to both the architecture profession and the public, recognizing the vital role of the built environment in Climate Action.

TEUI 2.0 is a more comprehensive version that complements the existing TEUI Calculator focused on Part 9 buildings. Notably, it extends its scope to include completed Part 3 projects, while also presenting user-friendly drop-down menus for classification, area, compliance standards, and tiered code options.

With TEUI 2.0’s enhanced interface, users can now incorporate additional elements like embodied carbon, building statistics, air quality attributes, and a way to assess proposed buildings against code compliance requirements. Furthermore, the tool offers a forward-looking feature, the Total Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI) simulation, currently in beta testing but valuable as a comparison and code evaluation tool.

The primary objective of these calculators is to assist users in evaluating the energy performance of buildings and making informed decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Alongside the latest digital tool, the OAA has introduced a fresh “Case Studies” section on the OAA Website, providing members with an opportunity to showcase their building projects’ approaches to climate action. All practices are encouraged to utilize the calculators and share their projects with fellow professionals and the broader public.

The OAA plans to launch a call for submissions for the 2024 Design Excellence Awards during the fall season. As in previous years, the program mandates the use of TEUI metrics for eligibility, and these free online calculators make it convenient to incorporate this and other essential data.