OAA Landscape Design Competition Submissions on Display

The 19 submissions for the OAA Landscape Design Competition will be on display until June 21, 2024.

The OAA has launched its Landscape Design Competition to revitalize its Toronto headquarters and the submissions are now available for viewers to explore.

Among the goals of the Landscape Design Competition is a furthering of the Association’s Renew + Refresh initiative, which made the building a model of net-zero design.

The winning team for the anonymous, juried competition, which is being overseen by Ontario architect Joe Lobko, will be awarded the contract to redesign the landscaping of the OAA property at 111 Moatfield Drive.

Competitors were asked to create a welcoming arrival experience, enhance the building, incorporate public art, recognize the role of sustainability and water use in the health of the environment, and acknowledge the Don River ravine context.

public exhibition of the anonymous submissions took place as part of Doors Open Toronto at the OAA Headquarters on May 25 and 26, 2024, with the professional advisor onsite to answer questions about the competition.

The displays will remain up until June 21, 2024.

The submissions are available to view online and include the following.

Team Basswood. Catch/Renew/Release
Team Birch. Reconcilience
Team Black Walnut. An Organized Wild
Team Butternut. Black Bird
Team Cedar. Nested Within
Team Cherry. Tread Lightly
Team Chestnut. The Grounding Meadow
Team Elm. 4887 Saplings
Team Fir. Luminous Patchworks
Team Hemlock. Roost Roost: A Landscape Becoming
Team Honeylocust. Laminae
Team Ironwood. OAA Landscape Reconnect
Team Maple. From Memory
Team Pine. A Layered Renewal
Team Spruce. Vision Canadensis
Team Sumac. + Reconnect
Team Sycamore. The Talking Landscape
Team Tamarack. Golden Repair