OAA ConEd Call for Proposals

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) invites you to submit your proposal for a Continuing Education session at the 2012 Annual Conference, which will be held from May 9-12 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa.

The OAA seeks speakers who excel in their field of expertise, who can captivate and educate their audience. The OAA Conference is a chance for architects to step back from daily demands and acquire new knowledge that contributes to general expertise and understanding. This learning is future-oriented and goes beyond immediate application, building the capacities of the professional to plan and undertake new challenges.

If you are inclined to grow professionally, meet interesting people and share your stories, then presenting at the OAA Conference is a great opportunity for you. 

The 2012 OAA Conference Theme is the Music of Architecture – Architect as Conductor. Celebrate the symphony — a changing environment wherein the Conductor Architect becomes integral in the process so that every player “contributes, builds and benefits” together.   

The Conference’s musical theme will be used to introduce and renew teamwork in the building environment. There is circadian rhythm, a chi – the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine, financial cycle, seasonal cycle, a celestial cycle – all based on harmonious existence, each one impacting the other. Consequently architects work with engineers, interior designers, building officials, property managers, the community, bankers and owners, in order to achieve a harmonious whole where each aspect is coordinated. The role of the Conductor Architect is to make it happen: not to diminish any one discipline or interest but to ensure that the overall balance, tempo and agenda result in a symphony of ideas. This is reflected in Integrated Design from functional programming and capital planning to site planning, building design, operation and maintenance. Unlike an orchestra, however, our “musical scores” are becoming more complex by the year, and our instruments are constantly being updated so we need to upgrade our skills on a continual basis. The Conductor skillfully knows enough about each musician’s instrument to instruct them on how to play as an orchestra to best achieve a balanced and unified sound: music.    

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Monday, October 31, 2011 at4:00pm EST. Candidates will be notified in January 2012. Complete applications should be submitted to Ellen Savitsky, Administrator, Continuing Education Program at ellens@oaa.on.ca.      

For more information, please visit www.oaa.on.ca/professional+resources/continuing+education/coned+call+for+proposals