NRC’s 2005 Building Science Insight Addresses Roofing

Roofing technology is the subject of NRC’s 2005 cross-Canada seminar series beginning October 4th. The one-day presentations in major cities will help practitioners learn about some of the challenging issues and recent advances associated with roof design, system selection, performance and maintenance. NRC researchers and industry experts will join forces on a wide-ranging technical program, as follows:

Differences between the various types of roofing membranes
Properties of different roofing materials and systems
Critical factors in selection and design of roofing systems
New wind design guide
Effective detailing of interfaces between roofing and other envelope components
Non-destructive evaluation methods and equipment
Effective solutions to common problems illustrated with case studies
Sustainable roofing systems and current drivers for change
Basic maintenance requirements for extending service life

The English sessions are scheduled as follows:

Ottawa: October 4th
Fredericton: October 12th
St. John’s: October 14th
Charlottetown: October 17th
Halifax: October 19th
Toronto: October 31st
Vancouver: November 2nd
Whitehorse: November 4th
Calgary: November 7th
Winnipeg: November 9th
Toronto: November 17th
Yellowknife: November 25th
Edmonton: November 28th
Saskatoon: November 30th

The French Sessions will be held:

Sainte-Foy: January 24, 2006
Montreal: January 26, 2006

To register, please visit or call (613) 993-0435