Notes from the Board

At the RAIC Festival of Architecture the Board of Directors had the opportunity to meet for two days. The following is a brief synopsis of some of the decisions finalized.

– Subject to some minor modifications a position paper on Sustainability and the Built-Environment has been accepted and direction provided to move it to the next draft. It will be used in various communications and advocacy initiatives throughout the year.

– A draft Model Architectural Policy was approved to be edited and finalized for use as a consultation document with a wide range of groups in the months ahead.

– The Board received a report entitled, The RAIC Syllabus Program — A Strategy for Relevance and Renewal and approved the recommendations of the RAIC Syllabus Task Group, chaired by the former CCUSA representative to the RAIC Board of Directors, Ian Macdonald, FRAIC. Preparation of a business plan for the renewal of this alternative path to licensure as an architect was also authorized.

The program’s new mission will be:

To provide an inclusive and accessible professional architectural education according to the rigorous standards of excellence that lead to Canadian professional certification. The bilingual program is to be made available nationally according to a financially sustainable model, through varied study opportunities exploiting available technologies and managed work experiences.

– This summer a small exhibition of the winning Governor General’s Medal in Architecture projects will tour the country. Also Architecture 2004, featuring the award winners, will be sent to all RAIC members as a member benefit.

Practice Support Update

– A Practice Builder on Construction Waste Management is nearly complete and should be made available electronically before the end of the summer.

– The RAIC has obtained the copyright on national practice documents from the provincial associations and will start work immediately on improving both the form and content of Document Six, Canadian Standard Form of Contract Between Client and Architect.

Schedule of RAIC Professional Development Program — Fall 2004

As well as the following Professional Development Program schedule, plans are also being developed to create a distance learning module on Quality Assurance and a course in October on Designing Sustainable Communities

SDCB 302 — Building Integrated Photovoltaics


December 2Halifax

December 3Toronto

December 6Winnipeg

December 7Calgary

December 8Edmonton

Natural Stone and Marble in Modern Architecture


November 8Vancouver

November 9Calgary

November 30Montreal

December 2Toronto — in conjunction with Construct Canada