Northwest Territories Association of Architects debuts Architectural Awards

northwest territories association of architects launches inaugural architectural awards program
northwest territories association of architects launches inaugural architectural awards program
The Northwest Territories Association of Architects invites all owners, architects and other professionals and stakeholders to submit their building projects as part of its inaugural Architectural Awards. It is time to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of current and former NWTAA Architects, and to raise the level of critical dialogue of the built environment in Canada’s three territories.

Three categories cover past and present projects in Canada’s three territories undertaken by current and former members of the NWTAA:

Creative form and space, which establishes unique character. This project can be new, an addition or restoration of an existing structure so that the “architectural intervention” greatly enhances the cultural enjoyment of the community it serves.

Interior Architecture
Imaginative and well detailed space which creates a memorable experience service to further and promote the cause of its intended use.

Public Spaces
Inspiring design of outdoor space, which incorporates landscaping sot and hard surfacing treatments, which serve to bring people together enriching the community in which they serve.

Each entrant may submit up to five (5) projects. Fees for the first entry are $200; $150 for the second entry; and $100 for each entry thereafter. Entries must be submitted on a 24” wide by 30” high white foam-core board, and accompanied with a digital copy of high-resolution photos & images (JPEG @ 600 DPI) and text on a USB drive, SD card or CD ROM. Presentation boards must include: the submission category, project description (approximately 300 words), sample drawings of the project, and up to 10 images of the project. All text is to be in black ink and legible from 10 feet. Photos may be colour or black and white.

Submissions must be received at the NWTAA office by 4:00pm on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

A public exhibit will be announced for November 2015, following a judging by three prominent members of the architectural community: Graham Livesey, Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary and Regional Correspondent for Canadian Architect; Terri Fuglem, Acting Head, School of Architecture, University of Manitoba; and Patrick Harrop, School of Architecture, University of Manitoba, participating juror in over 20 competitions.

First, second and third placements, as well as honourable mentions, will be selected within each of the three categories. All eligible submissions will be published in a book encapsulating the best of the built environment within Canada’s three territories. Winning entries and honourable mentions will be published in all three territories via newspaper and in Up Here magazine.

Entrants to the 2015 NWTAA Architectural Awards grant all rights to NWTAA for unrestricted publication of the project in NWTAA publications and other media. Permission from owners and photographers is the responsibility of entrants and must be obtained prior to submitting an entry. All submissions will be kept by the NWTAA.

For more information, please visit or contact the NWTAA at [email protected] and (867) 766-4216.