Western North York Community Centre

"There’s a robust net zero strategy, which is especially challenging in a building with an aquatic centre that requires continuous energy use to heat the…

Cunard Street Live/Work/Grow

"The jury found the design to be well executed, and was excited to see an architecture firm taking the initiative to experiment with this mix of programs on an…

École Val-Martin

"To take a building that occupies a prime location at the centre of a community and repurpose it for an essential community institution is an innovative…


WINNER OF A 2021 CANADIAN ARCHITECT AWARD OF MERIT This project begins with a vernacular reference to Prairie silos, and transforms it into something that is…


"More projects are needed that fill the “missing middle” and bring increased density to downtown neighbourhoods in the city; this project takes an…

The Panda Pavilions

"The round forms nest in the landscape in a compelling way and speak to the need to value and conserve our natural environments."

Hemlock House

"The project’s sensitive nature, graphic presentation, and reflection on the traditional technique of stacked timber construction are all commendable."

Mechanical Landscape

"The duality between the industrial and natural landscapes—as well as the potential of a repeated typology for the rehabilitation of this type of…


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