New program Transnational Spaces at the Bauhaus Kolleg VI

The new academic year of the Kolleg of the Foundation Bauhaus Dessau will commence on October 18, 2004. This will be the sixth time that the Kolleg will invite an international group of designers, architects, artists and scientists to engage in postgraduate research on current urbanistic topics. Between October 18, 2004 and July 22, 2005 the program Transnational Spaces/Transnationals Raume will investigate the issue of transnationalization of urban spaces. In times of economic globalization, multi-media communication and transnational migration cities exist in parallel worlds. Here, different urban cultures and practices meet each other. During the preparatory phase of the program one question drew particular attention: how are urban planning and architecture reacting as their central point of reference, that is the location with a specific identity and territoriality, is becoming increasingly vague? The program will investigate newly emerged spatial orders by looking at select transnational locations, such as call centres in Calcutta/India, dormitories for refugees in Berlin, transnational markets in Istanbul, a drilling rig in the North Sea and Frankfurt’s airport. The aim of the Bauhaus Kolleg is to formulate strategies for dealing with these urban developments.The Bauhaus Kolleg VI Transnational Spaces/Transnational Raume is composed of two parts: an orientation phase that will concentrate more on theory and analysis (October 18, 2004 March 4, 2005) and a project phase that will focus on the development of methods and strategies (April 11, 2005 July 22, 2005). Lectures and seminars held by international experts will provide insights into the current status of the urbanistic discourse. Workshops and tutorials will introduce and put to test different methods of analysis and design strategies. Towards the end of the first semester the preliminary research on the various topics will initiate the development of design-oriented inquiries. The second semester the project phase will offer room for more in-depth investigations as well as seminars on working and presentation methods. The academic year of the Kolleg will conclude with an exhibition of the projects and participants will be awarded the Bauhaus Certificate.The Kolleg is intended for designers and scientists in the fields of architecture, urban planning, visual arts, media and product design, landscape architecture, sociology, cultural studies and the humanities. Participation is limited to a maximum of 30 people. The working language of the Kolleg is English. The most important criteria for acceptance into the program are professional qualifications, an exceptional portfolio and a detailed statement of purpose in reference to the Kolleg’s topic as well as a very good command of the English language. The deadline to apply is August 20, 2004. Please submit your applications via e-mail or fax to Ina Goegel, Bauhaus Kolleg Manager at or 0340 6508 226/404. For more information please visit