New Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market to be built (August 06, 2007)

North Americas oldest consecutively run farmers market, The City Market of Halifax Cooperative Ltd., will be provided with a modern seven-day market facility within a recently approved major renovation to LEED Platinum standards of Shed 20, owned by the Halifax Port Authority (HPA) on the waters edge. A portion of the facility will be shared with the HPA and partitioned off for cruise ship passenger handling when large ships like the Queen Mary require berthing, or when other berths are in use.

The existing one-storey 3,110-square-metre warehouse shed built in the 1920s will be expanded to include a total of 3,767 square metres of farmers markets and new commercial retail space. In addition to the expanded facilities, 600 square metres of public space with planters available for local growers use. Panoramic views of the Halifax Harbour will be enjoyed from the roof, which will also act as a showcase for some of the more visible green building strategies, such as the micro-wind turbines, green roof, evacuated tube solar collectors, and the lantern topswhich are to be used for summertime natural ventilation.

Another less visible green heating strategy are the fifteen 250-foot-deep boreholes drilled into the solid bedrock existing 25 feet below grade. These boreholes will comprise the geothermal heating supply for the in-floor radiant heating in the winter. Extra heat not used from the solar collectors will be dumped back to recharge the heat drawn in the bedrock.

The renovated warehouse is expected to reduce energy consumption by 85 percent and use 50 percent less water than an R-2000 building. The total expected cost of the project is $10 million and construction is expected to be complete in May 2008.

The new market is designed to both reconnect the community with its historic origins on the waterfront and be a world-class example of healthy, sustainable living. The exterior of the market features a harbourside covered market and a raised boardwalk, allowing vendors and local produce to spill out onto the street as seasons permit.In keeping with the sustainable local farming practices employed by the market vendors, the building tackles climate change head on, demonstrating that it is possible to enjoy life at its fullest, while using much less energy and generating much less waste. The new Seaport Farmers Market will use 80% less energy and 50% less water than an R2000 building, making it one of the most environmentally efficient buildings in North America, and a source of pride for all Nova Scotians.

Four built-in storefronts will feature bakeries, cafs, fish shops and green grocers. A covered market will feature seasonal vendors, harbourside decks and cafs.Other features include maximum flexibility and plug and play servicing.Under-floor distibution of plumbing, electrical and gas maximizes vendor program flexibility allowing the market to roll over as required. Four glass atriums or solar lanterns will provide ample daylight and winter heat deep into the market. The solar lanterns are also designed to create a visual connection through the building to the harbour, connecting land and sea in a visual metaphor of Nova Scotia.