Making Space Exhibition Opens at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Making Space is a new exhibition from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s permanent collection that uses architecture to explore the physical—and philosophical—constructs in our lives.

Alvin Comiter, Old Merchants’ Bank of Canada, Granville Street, Halifax, 1988. Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

“This exhibition delves into the relationship between people and the structures we build,” says David Diviney, curator of the exhibition. “The included works examine such tensions as the boundaries between public and private spaces, and the shift from urban to suburban environments”.

Elspeth Pratt, Scar, 1995. Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.
Jane Buyers, Interior Architecture 2, 1988. Gift of the Artist, Elmira, Ontario, 2003.

The exhibition features a multidisciplinary mix of artistic practices: from photography and sculpture, to works on paper. The works reflect upon architecture and its ability to generate and communicate meaning. The artists featured in the exhibition not only document Nova Scotia’s evolving surroundings, but also present important questions that underlie contemporary life and culture.

“Included in Making Space is a project I developed in 2012 in response to the rapid pace of redevelopment in Halifax’s downtown core,” shares Charley Young, a Nova Scotia-based artist featured in this exhibition. “In my work, Shroud, the facade of the Macara Barnstead Building was used to create a large-scale print. This work documents the unique architectural features and worn textures of this building before its demolition and redevelopment.”

This exhibition features works by Vikky Alexander, Edward Burtynsky, Jane Buyers, Patrick Caulfield, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Allyson Clay, Alvin Comiter, John Devlin, Dan Graham, Mitch Mitchell, Elspeth Pratt, Margaret Priest, Lyla Rye, Renée Van Halm, Charley Young, Daniel Young & Christian Giroux, and Carl Zimmerman. The exhibition is now on view and will remain open until September 26, 2021.