New Design Canada Booth K30 at 100% Design London

The Design Exchange presents New Design Canada at 100% Design in London September 22-25, 2005. It is the first time that a showcase of furniture and accessories from innovative design studios across the country will be presented at this international trade event.

Participating in the show are some of Canada’s leading industrial designers and designer makers, and include: Andrew Jones, Bev Hisey, Brent Comber, Editorial, Joel Berman Glass Studios, Judson Beaumont, Kline Furniture Design, Massieoffice, Omer Arbel, Patty Johnson, Periphere, Ruth Adler, Scot Laughton, Tsunami Glassworks and Tim Antoniuk.

All the designers practice a bold and straightforward approach, which is distinctly Canadian. They focus on the process of making and its relationship to material, surface and texture. Adler, Hisey, Tsunamie Glassworks from Ontario and Periphere from Quebec share a passion for pattern and ornament in their lighting, textiles, glass and furniture respectively. For Arbel, Comber, and Massieoffice in the Western provinces it’s all about the material, be it rough-hewed logs of Douglas fir, concrete or Styrofoam. Arbel has been nominated for a “best newcomer” Blueprint Award. Antoniuk, Editorial and Kline explore industrial processes, while Johnson, Jones and Laughton pursue issues of collaboration and form. Also choosing to collaborate are Beaumont and Berman from British Columbia who synthesize their expertise in wood and glass to create a new line of furniture.

Scot Laughton and Patty Johnson, both from Toronto, created a minimal installation for New Design Canada that evokes the Canadian landscape. The focal point of the exhibit is the long house, an honest and simple construction made of plywood – a ubiquitous Canadian material. Flanking the exhibit is a large mural illustrating Canada’s open blue skies and expansive spaces.

The Design Exchange gratefully acknowledges the support of International Trade Canada, the High Commission of Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada and Ontario Export.