New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor announces the creation of a new architectural award

Lieutenant Governor Hermngilde Chiasson and Ed Goguen, President of the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick, announce the creation of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Architecture, which will be presented for the first time in March 2005.

“I am delighted to announce the establishment of The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Architecture, in conjunction with the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick,” Chiasson said. “I believe architecture is an art form which affects all of us – how we live and work, where we live – it affects our daily routines. I want to pay tribute to excellence in this field, because I believe it is often overlooked. This kind of award can take us out of the doldrums, to highlight that magical link between architecture, art and the spirit of our times.”

Chiasson says that often we settle for mediocrity. “We have become too quick to tear down – a society too dependent on convenience, quick answers, drive-throughs, turning lanes and parking lots,” he said at the annual general meeting of the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick. “Too often, pieces of our heritage are discarded, torn down, or left to fall down because we don’t see value in restoring and reviving. We think shiny and new is more valuable. But I know there is great value in the bricks, the broken plaster, hand-cut beams and the sweat and determination that it took to build some of our finest structures.”

Nominations are now being accepted for the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence in Architecture. The closing date for nominations is March 11, 2005, and the inaugural award will be presented soon after. “The Architects’ Association of New Brunswick is deeply appreciative to Lieutenant Governor Hermngilde Chiasson for his recognition of the architectural profession in New Brunswick,” AANB President Ed Goguen said. “This new award will honour the best work of our profession, and is certain to highlight for all the importance that architecture plays in our daily lives.”

The initiative is cause for attention at the national level as well. “Awards such as this are very important because not only do they inspire architects to excellence, they also serve to communicate and educate through the work of our colleagues,” said Christopher Fillingham,President of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. “Each time an award shines a spotlight on a particular project, it also helps those outside the profession to understand what we do.”

For more information, please contact Tim Richardson at (506) 453-2505 or Ed Goguen at (506) 458-8220, or visit visit the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick website