New BILLO ceiling panels create unique, three-dimensional wave shapes

New BILLO 3-Dimensional Ceiling Panels from CGC Inc. transform traditional, flat ceiling planes into wave shapes, adding rhythm and depth to interiors. The system consists of 2’x2′ pre-formed, lightweight LEXAN infill panels, which can be installed either curving upward toward the ceiling or downward toward the floor, permitting a myriad of patterns from just one simple shape. BILLO panels install easily into 9/16″ narrow profile and standard 15/16″ DONN Brand Suspension Systems, providing full accessibility. They can be integrated into flatpanel ceilings to create dramatic focal points. BILLO 3-Dimensional Panels are available in five standard colours. Custom colours are also available. The semi-translucent infill panels can be backlit with fluorescent strip fixtures or integrated with standard lay-in fixtures. For more information on BILLO 3-Dimensional Ceiling Panels, visit