New architecture programs on offer at Carleton University

Carleton University in Ottawa recently announced new MA and PhD graduate degrees in Architecture. On offer for the first time beginning September 2011, they are extremely unique in the North American context.

Canada has close to 25,000 properties designated as architectural heritage sites. In addition, over 200,000 sites are listed on heritage inventories with an average of 2,000 properties being added each year. There is clearly a growing demand for qualified specialists to shepherd these valuable cultural resources. Carleton already has an established international reputation for excellence in this field with close to 200 Master of Architecture graduates working in various disciplines around the world. Consequently, a Diploma in Architectural conservation is a program that will build on this foundation by augmenting Carleton’s existing professional degree with a focus on architectural conservation. Carleton’s location in the National Capital Region and existing architecture programs make this diploma unique in Ontario and a benefit to Canada.

There are also two different Master level programs – a Master of Architectural Studies, and a Master of Architecture Professional (M.Arch1). Lastly, there is a Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture. Unique in Canada, Carleton is one of a few universities worldwide that has the available resources and established research strengths necessary to offer a doctoral program in architecture. The program combines a practical and theoretical approach to learning and research. Students will conduct research in an area of their own selection and will work on project-based constructions while at the same time engaging the traditional methods of drawing and thesis writing.

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