New Act for Newfoundland governing the architectural profession

The Newfoundland Provincial Government has passed a new Act governing the architectural profession, replacing its previous Act from 1995. The new Act Respecting Architects and the Provision of Architectural Services provides greater consumer protection by placing the onus on architects to uphold the highest professional standards.

Says the Honourable Kevin O’Brien, Minister of Government Services: “We consulted with the Association of Architects to determine the provisions which need to be in place in order to make them publicly accountable. The new Act includes criteria for governance, conduct and discipline procedures similar to other self-regulatory occupations in the province.”

These criteria include filing annual reports, establishing a conduct and complaints committee, appointing lay people to boards and putting in place processes for appeals and disciplinary procedures.

“The new Act goes a long way to reducing red tape for architects,” says Paul Blackwood, chairman of the Newfoundland Association of Architects’ Act Review Committee. “No longer will there be a need for an architect to obtain a certificate of registration, certificate of practice, and a certificate of approval in order to practice in this province. These certificates have all been replaced with a simple licence.”

The new Act also clarifies a longstanding list of building types that require the services of an architect with emphasis on renovation projects.