Neighbourhood Maverick exhibition at Architecture at York Quay Centre

Neighbourhood Maverick, the winter/spring 2011 exhibition at Architecture at York Quay Centre in Toronto, opened on January 29, and closes on June 12, 2011.

Neighbourhoods are largely defined by the houses that are situated within their boundaries. In Toronto, Corktown is known for its turn-of-the-century workers’ townhouses and Leaside for its postwar bungalows. As the city transforms, these neighbourhoods evolve with both old and new residents, and existing buildings with bolder architectural pursuits.

Why should the existing streetscape be maintained? What considerations do architects take into account when designing for an existing streetscape? What effect does the intervention of maverick architecture have on the design character of a neighbourhood?

In this exhibition, participating firms Drew Mandel Architects, Reigo & Bauer, and studio junction inc. explore the insertion within the Toronto streetscape of those houses which are designed of our times in contrast to the existing neighbourhood aesthetic. Architects were asked to explore the challenges, the benefits and negatives to neighbourhoods and the possibilities for creative expression. Toronto visual artist Luke Painter further comments on the subject by providing some fantastical imagery for the exhibition.

The objective of Architecture at Harbourfront Centre is to present exhibitions which will educate, challenge and question the thoughts and the ideas informing contemporary architecture.

The architecture gallery is a multi-functional space which presents exhibitions, acts as a classroom, and also as a meeting space for the discussion of issues relating to architecture.

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