NCARB (ARE) Exam Workshop Series in Toronto

The Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) is hosting the annual NCARB (ARE) Exam Workshop Series in Toronto from Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1, 2005 at Ryerson University.

This NCARB exam workshop is a full weekend of workshops, mock exams and critiques that focus on preparing Intern Architects for the three graphic exams required for licensure: Building Planning, Building Technology and Site Design. Presented by Professor Norman Dorf, these workshops present the technique, strategy and graphic skills invaluable to all Intern Architects preparing for their exams. Dorf has lectured on the NCARB exams throughout Canada and the United States for over 10 years. He was an examination writer for eight years, a grader for 14 years and a former NCARB director serving as Committee Chairman for the development of the computerized tests with NCARB. For information on Norman Dorf, visit his website at

The TSA would especially like to extend an invitation to Interns from outside the Toronto area to participate in this weekend workshop series. In the past, Interns have come from all over Ontario. For those traveling from outside the city, please contact the TSA at (416) 873-4527 or [email protected] for supplemental information and they will do their best to help.

The TSA will also be hosting a two-weekend Structures and Lateral Forces seminar with Professor David Thaddeus in the fall of 2005. Please consult the TSA’s website for future updates.

For more information on either the workshops, workshop registration or the TSA, please visit or e-mail [email protected]