Nathan Phillips Square Design Competition heating up

Planning for the international design competition to be held in the Fall of 2005 is underway. The competition will invite architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, artists and other design professionals to submit proposals to revitalize Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. Located in front of Toronto City Hall, the Square serves as the City’s premier public space and civic gathering place.

The competition and subsequent renovation will be powerful initiatives in support of the rejuvenation of the area around Nathan Phillips Square and the revitalization of the city’s core. Many of the structures and facilities on Nathan Phillips Square today are in a state of disrepair. Some, like the elevated walkways and snack bar have been closed and some no longer meet the needs of today’s activities. A design competition is being held to solicit creative and innovative ideas that will help restore the beauty and dignity of Nathan Phillips Square and enable the hosting of a greater number and variety of ceremonies and special events. The competition will be conducted fairly and transparently, with clear terms of reference. A jury will review entries and select a winner based on the terms of reference.

Activities leading up to the competition include gathering technical information, assessing the City’s and public’s needs and preparing terms of reference and other competition documents that will be drafted over the summer for review and approval by City Council and its standing committees this Fall. A multidisciplinary jury will be selected to judge the submitted designs.

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