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Mosaic Centre opens in Edmonton

Designed by Manasc Isaac Architects, the Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce is more than an office building. Located in the emerging Edmonton community of Summerside, the facility houses the Mosaic Family of Companies, a unique and progressive organization with a strong commitment to doing business better: “doing good while doing well,” as they put it.

Their headquarters exemplifies their commitment to doing good. Staff are provided with important amenities including a child-care facility, wellness centre, lounges, a games room and even a restaurant. Raising the bar on the sustainability front by targeting LEED® Platinum, the project strives to become the very first Living Building Challenge Petal-certified building in Alberta, and is also hoping to become the first net-zero commercial building in the province.

Providing a more integrated life between commerce and community, the building is partly a two-storey structure and partly a three-storey structure, interconnected by an elevator and a series of bridges and stairs. A heavy timber framing system comprises the primary floor and roof framing. Exposed solid wood flooring is supported on a series of glulam beams and columns on the second and third floors, topped with concrete. 

At the north, south and east perimeter of the third storey, an exposed heavy timber truss supports the cantilevered floor on the east side. Photovoltaic panels cover the majority of the roof, supported by a secondary steel support frame. A heavy timber structure will be used for the elevator, while the stairs are comprimsed of a mix of steel and timber framing.

Additionally, LED pole-mounted site lighting will be designed with a time0clock/daylight controller to meet minimum light levels; the majority of the site lighting will be accomplished by building-mounted lighting.

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