Montreal to host 2017 World Design Summit


Fifty years after the tremendously successful Expo 67, Montreal will again host a design-oriented world-class event. From October 14 to 25, 2017 the UNESCO City of Design will showcase all the disciplines of design by hosting the 2017 World Design Summit.  Through the collaboration of 50 international organizations, the Summit’s objectives will be to establish an international design charter, to be renewed every two years, to promote positive social and environmental change through the use of design.

A truly international event, the Summit will host 18 simultaneous conventions/congresses with some 4,500 delegates in attendance from 80 countries, representing six professional disciplines associated with the built environment: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Urban Planning.

According to the Honourable Sheila Copps, President of the World Design Summit Organization, “hosting such an event will showcase Canada’s design know-how throughout the world. I would particularly like to salute the partners whose commitment will allow this important event to take place.”

Mr. Robert Poëti, Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Montreal Region, says: “Professionals from the world over will meet in Montreal to discuss many crucial contemporary issues. Our government is happy to support this major event, which will confirm the reputation of our metropolis as an international city of design and raise its profile in the very year of its 375th anniversary.”

Mr. David Heurtel, Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the fight against climate change, will co-chair the Summit. “The Design of the World Summit will enable experts from home and abroad to mobilize their forces to share knowledge and propose creative and innovative solutions to the environmental challenges of this century,” he says. “Building on its green economic growth tools like carbon trading and green Fund, the Government of Quebec supports businesses, municipalities and Quebec citizens in their transition to a more sober carbon world. Together we can fight against climate change to ensure quality of life for our children.”

“This global summit is a historic opportunity to bring designers, planners and architects together to address urgent environmental issues like climate change by exploring and sharing innovative, efficient and dynamic solutions,” says Mr. Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change of Ontario.

Further to the Summit itself, the event will include congresses/conventions, exhibitions and a festival. In order to mark the fifty years of design discipline evolution since Expo ’67, the “Colours of Design” will be celebrated in 30 culture-promoting venues across Montreal, such as libraries, community centres and showrooms, and through “open houses” at four universities and demonstration spaces for the various disciplines.” For the Summit organizers, offering activities that reach the general public and democratize these disciplines, in parallel with our knowledge-exchange and advancement mission, is paramount,” says WDSO Co-Director Jacques Ouimette.

 To organize the Summit, the World Design Summit Organization (WDSO) will benefit from the City of Montreal’s support, to the tune of $500,000 over three years, made possible by a contribution from the Government of Quebec under Entente Montreal 2025, a program administered by the Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine. The Secretariat is also helping fund the Summit through a $200,000 contribution for 2015-2016, made under the Fonds d’initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole.

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