A Visual Essay: Montreal Children’s Hospital

Buildings record moments.

They serve a main purpose.
They are constantly evolving in functionality.
They stem from our collective imagination.
They share their first moments on paper.

Depending on their grandeur, they can take months, years or a lifetime to complete.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) has been a city institution for over 100 years. People have helped it to grow and evolve. This community ensures the safety and strength of societies most fragile resource…life. The hospital now stands in front of Cabot Square, and over the next few years, this story will begin a new chapter.

The following photographs are a portrait study of the space as it stands today. The aim of the series is not to directly document the lives of its occupants, but to preserve the influences that have shaped it. From rooms below to views from the floors above, the black & white series (with a hint of colour) strives to quietly capture the raw yet humbled beauty of its architecture.

Text and photos by Giuseppe Pascale.