Mississauga Public Libraries

PROJECTS Lakeview, Port Credit and Lorne Park Libraries, Mississauga, Ontario
ARCHITECT RDH Architects Inc.
PHOTOS Tom Arban

The Mississauga Library Project is an adaptive reuse strategy for the major renovation and addition to the Lakeview, Port Credit, and Lorne Park branch libraries, all dating from between 1956 and 1967. The three renovations have been structured as one project, a strategy put forth by the client as a means to use public infrastructure stimulus funds in an efficient manner. Each of the three libraries is situated in a park setting; Lakeview and Lorne Park are embedded within established 1950s suburban neighbourhoods, and Port Credit is situated adjacent to the Credit River along Lakeshore Road, the commercial high street of the old town of Port Credit. 

Originally designed as Mid-Century Modern buildings, the three libraries display similar physical and aesthetic characteristics. As such, the design for the projects is based on the development of a single vocabulary of consistent parts, applied to each of the three libraries in a varied manner. The solution offers a balance between an appropriate response to three very similar historic buildings and an efficient solution for a fast-paced schedule. The resulting design transforms three tired modern facilities through an extensive process involving: a complete gutting of the interiors, a recladding and expansion of all glazed areas, the refurbishment of exterior masonry, and the development of a canopy frame system and set of exterior terraces–all of which is intended to change the aesthetic of the building, engage with the street and park settings, and offer a number of new functional, protective and sustainable initiatives. 

The existing exterior elevations of each library are composed as a basic rhythm of solid and void. The solid areas are comprised of vertical fields of masonry; the void areas are comprised of vertical fields of glazing. This composition is respected and accentuated by increasing the amount of glazing in each void area, extending the glass from floor to ceiling and using a minimal detailing methodology. 

Further accenting the composition of solid and void is the incorporation of a canopy and terrace system that wraps each library, creating a finer grain and vertical texture. The new steel-frame canopy systems attempt to integrate the existing building volumes, engage with the park setting, provide for solid canopies, solar shading, volumetric integration, LED lighting and planting. Further to this, the fields of glazing incorporate a custom ceramic frit patterning which reinforces the vertical striation of the colonnade. This undulating line pattern is conceived as a further extension of the solid and void relationship, a ceramic solar screen that reads like the opening and closing pages of a book.

A material vocabulary of transparency is utilized throughout all three libraries for increased sightlines and views within and out to the surrounding areas. This transparency is achieved through the use of extensive areas of glazed curtain wall, structural glass partition walls, low shelving, and the restoration of open planning at all three facilities. The restored open plans help to reinstate the original architectural aspiration of three clear, rational and open pavilions floating above their natural settings. 

The Mississauga Public Library project revitalizes three dilapidated Mid-Century Modern structures, acknowledging the historic relevance of Modernism by utilizing an efficient and respectful strategy, transforming the facilities by way of exploring and accentuating the existing Modernist condition. Consequently, the resulting buildings aspire to engender a new public appreciation for Modernist public buildings and encourage a new generation of library users back to these important community institutions.

Jury: In an era increasingly attuned to the demands of sustainable construction and the need to conserve resources, this astute and economical remodelling of a trio of library buildings is emblematic of the growing social and cultural importance of adaptive reuse. Handled with a superb lightness of touch, the new interventions have a clarity and precision that subtly allude to the buildings’ Modernist origins. The dialogue between existing and contemporary parts is clearly articulated and poetically expressed, revitalizing each library both as an individual building and as a wider neighbourhood focus. CA

Client Mississauga Public Library
Architect Team Bob Goyeche, Tyler Sharp, Graham Gavine, Sanjoy Pal, Marnie Williams, Scott Waugh, George Agnew
Structural Halsall Associates Ltd.
Mechanical/Electrical Jain Associates Ltd.
Landscape NAK Design
Civil Valdor Engineering Inc.
Contractor Brown Daniels Associates
AREA Lakeview 705 m2; Lorne Park 1,106 m2; Port Credit 754 m2 + 28 m2 addition
Budget $8.9 M
Completion January 2011