Michael Awad lectures at Ryerson University

Architect and photographer Michael Awad is best known for his arresting photographs which selectively capture elements that are in motion and leave static elements unrecorded. His photographic artwork has been exhibited at the Power Plant as part of Substitute City and at the 2002 Venice Architectural Biennale as part of an installation entitled Next Memory City which was created in collaboration with Eve Egoyan and David Rokeby. Awad’s work is currently being exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center in a solo exhibition entitled Five Cities.

The process of creating comprehensive, analytic views of large-scale urban phenomenon has, at times, required Awad to create custom optical mechanisms, inventively customize his camera equipment and, most recently, has led him to create data acquisition and visualization software.

As an architectural photographer, Awad has a client list that includes many of Canada’s leading architectural firms and a publication record that includes many leading magazines and journals. He is currently working with the Canadian Collegiate University Schools of Architecture to develop the curriculum of a design program focusing on relationships between Aboriginal culture and modern urban design.

Michael Awad holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters of Urban Design from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Architecture from Syracuse University. He has taught as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design for almost 10 years.

The lecture takes place on February 11, 2005 at 7:30pm in Lecture Theatre L-72 at Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street in Toronto. All lectures are webcast live and archived on www.ryersonlectures.ca