Micah Lexier’s “Some Things” at the Oresman Gallery

Taking place from March 4 to 31, 2009 at the Oresman Gallery in the Department of Art at Smith College in Northampton, MA, Some Things is an exhibition that takes the form of two display cases sitting in the middle of the gallery space. One vitrine hosts Lettersize (Chained), an artwork by Micah Lexier from 2001. The second vitrine contains a number of objects found and collected by the artist over the years that relate to that sculpture in some direct or oblique way. Items include pieces of paper found on the street, tools, die-cut cardboard, a magic trick, coins, printed stationary and assorted other things.

Lexier sees Some Things as part of a new hybrid activity that is part artwork and part curatorial practice. For the past few years Lexier has presented found and collected objects in vitrines or display cases – bringing together particular groupings for particular situations.

The artist has also designed a poster and a printed multiple – a numbered, detailed list of the vitrine contents that has been folded and placed in a specially printed envelope. It is available free at the gallery.