Message from the RAIC President (July 01, 2004)

The profession of Architecture is gaining strength as today’s society focuses on: sustainability, livability and, the quality of the built environment in both large and small communities. As the RAIC strives to renew itself and its relevance to the profession, four key priorities emerge.

1. Becoming a clear Voice for Architecture — which means enhancing advocacy and communications activities. Towards this end the RAIC continues to work with the Federal Government for better, simpler and fairer RFPs and contract terms, specifically eliminating those requirements for insurance, which cannot be met.

The RAIC is also working with an Ottawa law firm to include architects as passport guarantors.

2. Strengthening our National Framework — building on various relationships with the many organizations the RAIC sees as allies. For example: provincial associations, the design and construction industry — engineers and contractors, and international associations, such as the AIA and UIA; and of course — governments.

As a prime example, the RAIC is particularly pleased that as part of creating strong relations with provincial associations, it is in the final stages of discussing group membership with the Alberta Association of Architects. For the RAIC this is the first step in developing a regional profile and recognizing common goals and responsibilities in enhancing the quality of Architecture in Canada and its diverse regions.

Also in the partnership vein, the RAIC Board has once again this year agreed to partner with the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada (ACEC), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), to host Federal Ministers and Members of Parliament to an event in Ottawa, which will help make them aware of the importance of the design and construction industry to Canadians and to the Canadian economy.

A draft Model Architecture Policy is being developed for use with various levels of government and others involved in architecture, to be released this year. Also under development is a position on sustainability, the built-environment, and in particular the quality of life in Canadian cities.

From an international perspective, the RAIC is building closer ties with the American Institute of Architects and monitoring the work of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) “Architect Project” and other initiatives such as the Architects Council of Europe.

3. Continuing to Recognize and support the Development of Excellence — This priority needs little explanation — the RAIC’s extensive Honours and Awards program is well regarded. Watch the RAIC site this fall for the opportunity to submit for the 2005 RAIC Awards of Excellence.

4. Last but not least, the fourth priority — Membership Growth — recognizes that the key to the RAIC’s future is bringing value to membership to increase the number of architects in Canada who voluntarily become members of the RAIC.

During my tenure as President I intend to focus on efforts regarding Practice Support. Already I can report that we intend to deliver another CHOP supplement and are completing an initiative that will see the RAIC take ownership of all national documents in order to update and deliver them in an efficient and effective manner. This effort emphasizes the RAIC’s commitment to solid practice support programs.

The coming year holds a bright future for the profession of Architecture. Opportunities abound as society embraces the importance of sustainability. The RAIC and its Board is prepared to seize the opportunity and place the profession at the centre of communities, large and small.

Chris Fillingham, FRAIC



Christopher Fillingham, FRAIC has taken over as RAIC President from Bonnie Maples, FRAIC.

New RAIC Executive

Christopher Fillingham, FRAIC — President

Bonnie Maples, FRAIC — Immediate Past-President

Yves Gosselin, MIRAC — First Vice President and President-Elect

Vivian Manasc, FRAIC — Second Vice President and Treasurer

In addition, the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture (CCUSA) elected Georges Adamczyk, Universit de Montral as Chair. George Adamcyzk will also become a member of the RAIC Board of Directors.