Mercier Wood Flooring — Tomorrow’s Finish Today! (September 01, 2004)

The new Mercier Generations finish is the best offer of the industry with a taber test over 1,000 cycles, a non-yellowing formula and an antimicrobial additive which inhibits the risk of microbe and mildew growth on finished surfaces. In addition to these three components, the Mercier Generations finish has other features that keep it looking like new for the life of your home.

Lets all the wood’s beauty shine through

Seals wood pores completely

Stays pliant under bumps and scrapes

Resists light burns

Is low maintenance thanks to its resistance to abrasion

The Mercier Generations finish is so resistant that it’s guaranteed for 35 years in residential and 5 years in “light commercial” use. For more information visit our website at