Mercier Wood Flooring has engineered a difference you’ll cherish

Subjected to rigorous laboratory testing by leading experts, our engineered wood flooring boasts unparalleled stability and a design that offers superior resistance to warping due to moisture. It can be installed on virtually any surface.

More flexible: grooves on the back of our flooring provide greater flexibility. Longer lasting: we apply Mercier Generations finish to each plank to ensure extreme resistance to wear. Thinner: our 1/2″ thick planks stay flush with other floor coverings to minimize height differences. Seven crossplied layers of plywood: with its seven alternating layers of wood fibres, our flooring offers unbeatable stability.

Manufactured to the highest standards, this remarkably long-lasting favourite has found its way into thousands of homes. The Mercier Generations finish is so resistant that it’s guaranteed for 35 years in residential and 5 years in “light commercial” use. For more information visit our website at