Memebership means: From a student

In May of 1999, in conjunction with the annual RAIC Festival, the Canadian Architecture Students Association was founded by representatives of the ten accredited schools of architecture. Each student body has representation on the CASA council creating a network of over 2500 students nation wide. Though often besieged by geography, our challenge is to explore new methods of communication amongst the students and professionals of Canada to ensure a bridging between the two bodies. The future of the built environment lies in this relationship (co-evolutionary where the dialogue is of critical importance.)

In helping to promote and facilitate such needs, the Canadian Architectural Students Association has been working concurrently with the RAIC to initiate this process. The RAIC along with its numerous resources have aided CASA to develop both nation wide and city scale projects. CASA is interested in creating a nation wide student conference, competition and publication. By collaborating with the RAIC, it will be possible to realize these goals.

Mark Baechler, Carleton University School of Architecture