Matthew A. Schmid of the University of Waterloo wins 2010 CaGBC – RAIC scholarship

The RAIC Foundation has announced that Matthew A. Schmid from the University of Waterloo is the recipient of the CaGBC 2010 scholarship. Schmid is ranked amongst the top students at the School of Architecture at Waterloo and has been the recipient of several scholarships including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the University of Waterloo Presidents Graduate Scholarship and the School of Architecture Academic Award. Standards for architectural students are generally high, and ranking at Matthew’s level is achieved only by a handful of individuals. He is studying evolutionary design methods measured by ecological impact, continuing the traditions exemplified by the early 20th-century innovation of Antoni Gaudi.


The CaGBC provides the RAIC Foundation with this generous endowment – $5,000 annually – to nurture the next generation of “green” designers by promoting and encouraging sustainable research and design in Canadian Schools of Architecture. To be eligible, students must submit a master’s thesis proposal. A jury then selects the one that has the most promising environmental benefits.


The jury that selected Schmid stated: “The proposal describes a clearly articulated research project linking architectural design with ecology and suggesting architectural solutions bridging the natural and built environments. The candidate’s reference to historical precedent, the role and rigour of a respected research mentor and the application to a community based building type is an encouraging indication of where sustainable building is heading in the future.” 


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