Materials, Technologies and Process to Achieve a Sustainable Built Environment

Based on the overwhelming success of the Green Building Opportunities Summit (September 2004) Strategy Institute has developed a non-partisan forum where one can obtain strategies to efficiently and cost-effectively source green materials for sustainable building projects. The Green Building Materials Forum is being held Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 6 at the Mississauga Convention Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

*expand materials knowledge and develop the ability to meet the growing demand for high-performance buildings
*implement adaptive re-use of materials and improve recycling and restoration practices
*tap into the retrofit market and reduce the impact of existing assets
*improve the operating efficiency of buildings in all market segments residential, corporate, institutional and industrial
*learn the best materials selection practices from award-winning green building projects

Industry-leading experts include:

*Nils Larsson, Executive Director, International Initiaive for a Sustainable Built Environment
*Wayne Trusty, President, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute
*Antonio Zedda, Partner, Kobayashi + Zedda Architects Ltd.
*Nadav Malin, Editor, Environmental Building News &, Building Green Inc.
*Jerome T. McDermott, Manager, Real Estate Development, SAS Institute (Canada) Inc.

Learn from leading Canadian case studies:

*Earth Rangers Centre, Woodbridge, Ontario
*SAS Institute Canada’s Headquarters, Toronto, Ontario
*Mayo Replacement School, Mayo, Yukon
*Red River College Princess Street Campus, Winnipeg, Manitoba
*Mountain Equipment Co-op Stores, Winnipeg + Ottawa

Register by January 26 and save $250. Call (416) 944-8833 or e-mail and quote priority code 105007-E1 to qualify for this offer. For more information, please visit