Master Plan/Village, Vancouver Olympics.

VIA Architecture of Vancouver is planning the design of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village, which will be located in the city’s urban core, overlooking the ocean. Over 2000 athletes and coaches will be housed in a number of new and permanent buildings situated within walking distance of BC Place stadium where Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are to take place. Permanent facilities will comprise about 56, 700 square metres of housing and 3300 square metres of commercial building at a cost of $107.9 million which the City of Vancouver was to construct in any event in conjunction with private sector efforts in an overall redevelopment of the area in question. Temporary facilities include dining halls and related support facilities to be removed after the Games are over. The site will be developed to the highest appropriate density and to achieve liveability and sustainable development objectives. The proposal for self-contained dwelling units includes a plan for their rental or sale after their Olympic use; it is proposed that non-market housing also comprise 20% of the residential building. The Master Plan provides a wide variety of green spaces along the False Creek waterfront, including the completion of shoreline improvements and the waterfront pedestrian/bicycle route connecting it to more than 25 km of urban waterfront walkway and bikeway. Some areas of the Village will be demonstration projects for advanced technologies for renewable energy supply, water management, green building design and urban agriculture. Buildings and other elements of the Olympic Village will be designed collaboratively with several architectural firms.