Marco Petreschi lectures on Pre-existence and Innovation in Architecture: Compatibility Between Old and New

This event takes place at 6:00pm on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at the National Gallery of Canada, 380 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.


Marco Petreschi is a “Roman architect”— a designer of buildings who, detached from the stylistic fashions that have held sway in Italy in the last few decades, has tenaciously followed an independent course. Physical in his affectionate relationship with the materials and the techniques needed to master them, Petreschi uses drawing to ensure complete control over space. From an aesthetic point of view, he is never indifferent to the past, although he is careful to keep the right distance from it.


A professor of architectural design, Petreschi founded the Bachelor Degree in Architectural Interior Design at the University of Rome “La Sapienza ” in 2002. A visiting professor and guest lecturer in both American and European universities, his theoretical and applied research activity can be seen through his publications and critical readings, his participation in national and international architectural competitions, the design and construction of public buildings and publishing in books and architectural magazines.


In his 30-year-career, Petreschi has regarded his various commissions as opportunities for unostentatious experimentation: without seeking special effects, he relies on the physical density of the space and its details, allowing his architecture to be enriched by all that has gone before it. Petreschi attempts to create a third way between modernity and the historical heritage and the materials that have always been used to construct this.


The Forum Lecture Series was established in 1968 to bring local, national and international architects to Ottawa to educate students, faculty and the general public about the profession and the impact architecture has on design. 


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