Mapelath preps and corrects wood substrates in no time, flat

MAPEI’s Mapelath substrate correction & underlayment system for tile and natural stone is a lightweight, plastic lath system used in the preparation of wood substrates. Mapelath replaces traditional underlayments that are heavier, thicker and more labor intensive to install. Mapelath is a thin, self-firring, underlayment system that will substantially increase the floor rigidity and minimize the overall finished height of the floor. Available in 27* 75* or 168ft2 (0,625 22,86m or 15,6m2) lightweight rolls, Mapelath is rolled into place and stapled to the substrate. Tile or stone is then installed using the recommended MAPEI installation system.

Mapelath is ideal for horizontal and vertical restorations of floors, walls and countertops in both interior and exterior installations. Mapelath may be installed where weather and temperatures are a consideration. MAPEI is a single source supplier of flooring installation systems for residential and major commercial projects.

Visit their website at for technical data information or call 1-800-42-MAPEI for the nearest location.