MAPEI’s Planitop 25 a Great Outdoor Self-Leveler (November 01, 2004)

Contractors working outdoor slabs frequently need to make repairs over a large surface. It is important that the repairs result in a smooth, level surface. MAPEI has designed Planitop 25 as a flowable cementitious structural repair mortar that can respond to this challenge. This shrinkage-compensated mortar is flowable and pourable on slabs, allowing it to fill hard-to-reach spaces. The self-leveling characteristics make it excellent for treating concrete surface blemishes and defects, and filling honeycombs, voids and cavities. Once the two-component mortar is mixed, it can be easily applied onto horizontal surfaces in thicknesses from 1/4″ to 1″ (6 mm to 2,5 cm) per coat. Planitop 25 contains a high concentration of synthetic polymer, which produces a repair and surfacing mortar that has excellent adhesion, flexural and compressive strengths, water resistance and freeze/ thaw resistance.